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03:57:29 8/12/21
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Posted on April 3, 2021 | 11:25
Welcome to Musouldark Season 6 episode 16 (work in progress for beta 0 reset)



 Free game

It is possible to make donations to support the game and development. Donations do not guarantee a different performance in the game but a spontaneous help. All donations will be reused to support the server management , advertising and everything else that will be necessary to allow us to improve the game. Enter in the discord channel for read the upgrades.Click on the top button.

In the game you can acquire items with wcoins.For new players there will be a reward of 5000 coins.as soon as you reach level 400 with your first created character.The wcoins are won with events and invasions of golden monsters.

Important!! If don't start the game,you can found the solution in the download section.

Exp 20x - Drop 70% - 0 Reset - PVP balance-Jewel bank system - all season items and much more.

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