Drops in game

Jewel of guardian = La cleon

Loch's Feather = Icarus

Giant Devil = Mounts and other (Icarus)

Golden goblin = items excellent+rings+pendants

Titans = items excellent (Davias)

Golden dragon = box of kundun +3

Golden Lizard king = box of kundun +4 (Atlans)

Golden Tantalos = box of kundun +5 (Tarkan)

Golden Crust = Box of kundun +5 (Icarus)

Medusa = Itema ancients (Swamps)

Kundun = item ancients (Kalima) You need item lost map

Boss nightmare = Weapons and items 380

Jewels = every map

Golden stone golem = Gold box and golden keys

Death king (Kanturu ruins 2) = Jewels

Gajon event (Sunday)= Condor feather

Chaos castle = Item ancient

Chaos card = every monster

Wcoins = golden monsters,pvp championship,devil square,blood castle,tvt event,gvg event,battle royal.

Condor feather = Icarus (great drakan,Phoenix darkness and phoenix dark shield)

Horn frangment = Crywolf

Claw of beast = Crywolf

Selupan Boss LaCleon = Items socket max 3

Boss Nix = All pets

Mirror of dimension (Npc Lugard)= Condor flame ,2 talisman of luck , talisman of chaos assembly, pet panda, pet skeleton